Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stranger in the house?

Just a short time ago my food source left me alone for a little while then came back with lots of sacks full of stuff the he calls food. He was moving some more stuff that was outside the door and suddenly this strange looking thing came in the house. It appeared to be an odd looking cat but it did not smell right to me. We sniffed noses and I followed it around to make sure that it did not try to stay or do anything in my litter box or eat my food. Then while I was following it the thing barked at me, then ran out the door.

The weather has been great and the food source has been letting me stay out until he goes to sleep. I can lay under the picnic table or on it if I want. There is also a walkway just inside the force field that lets me see everything going on. There is a tree or big bush just past the force field where some noisy birds have a nest. The birds go crazy every time I am on the walkway even though I cannot get through the force field to get close to the nest.

Hobo's food source here, I see Hobo was talking about when I was bringing in the groceries and a friend helped carry in some of it. She was out with her Saint Bernard and Chihuahua and the Chihuahua was the strange "cat" the Hobo met. Hobo was actually bigger than the Chihuahua aka Peanut. Hobo could not decide what to do with Peanut, whether to growl and hiss at him or ignore him.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Word of Warning

Hobos food source here with a word of warning for all cat people. Over the weekend my brother who many of you might know as the leecountyclowder food source lost one of his family to what he thought was a safety collar that wasn't. I have since checked Hobos collar and would recommend that any one responsible for the care of any cat actually check the collars release action. This simple thing could save the life of someones special kitty. While it is too late for Mary Read lets try to learn from that senseless passing and hopefully keep more cats safer. Remember never trust the labels try it out yourself!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cool out

Alright who stole the warm days? My food source is not leaving the patio door open for to go in and out anytime I want. He says it is too cold out to do that, but I think it is just fine out. He has what he calls a cat door he talks about installing but so far he has not done this. He did have a thing with a hole cut in it that has some kind of force field that he can push aside but I refuse to use it, so far anyway. The food source disappears everyday for so long I start to wonder if he is coming back or not but so far he has come home to take care of me.

After the last time he left I tried to watch him so that he could not disappear again. I would not let him go into a different room for very long before I would go see where he was. I have not done that for a while but I still like to know where he is. He better not take off like that again or I will be mad at him.

I hope that soon it is nice out so he goes out on the patio more so I can spend more time out there too.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hi Everyone. I am sorry I have not posted on here for so long but the food source says he was busy with school and did not have time to type for me, and I cannot type so everyone can read it. Things were great for most of the last year or so, even though the food source was busy. I did sit on his lap and get my head rubbed and ears scratched. The food source said that he was trying to listen to a class but that did not seem to be the case. I think he was trying to fool me with the earmuffs he had on, because I could not really hear any class going on. Just someone talking about some weird stuff.

Then the food source went on what he called a vacation and a stranger came and put out my food and cleaned the liter box for me. He seemed ok but I am not really sure about him. After a really long time the food source came home.

After about 3 or 4 days a bunch of strangers came into the house and took the food source away and the substitute food source started to put out my food again. After a really long time the food source and 2 or 3 other people came into the house and were there for a while. I tried to tell the food source that he had to start taking care of me again and that I missed him at night, but they all left too fast. A little while later the food source came back and this time he stayed for a long time. Once he came home I made sure that I knew where he was at all times, even trying to keep him in my sight all the time. Except when I was napping anyway.

Eventually, the food source started going out in the morning and coming back much later, going to work he said. When the food source was home all the time he changed everything in the house I think. The spot he sits went from a long thing with lots of room to lay beside him to a tiny space with no extra room. Then the long thing left and a while later a shorter long thing came in but so far anyway the food source is not using the longer one that much.

The food source wants to add a little to this post.
Hello everyone, Hobo's food source here. Just to explain a little on some of the points Hobo talked about. I was attending online classes for much of the year and they along with my normal work kept me busy. In December I decided that the classes I was taking were not really helping me at all. In fact one of the classes I was placed in was a basic Java class and as it turned out I could have taught the class rather than try to learn anything there. Over the Christmas, New Years holidays I took a cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, FL on one of the Celeberty Cruise ships. I had a good time and got to see a couple of my friends perform on the stage, they are acrobats and were part of the entertainment on the cruise. I also got to spend some time with them when they could. After I get back and returned to work I got so ill that I did not call in to work and they had someone check on my and I ended up in the hospital and was extremely dehydrated to the point that it affected my kidneys. I spent nearly a month in the hospital and a skilled care home before I got to come home. I am back to work now and doing ok so far anyway.

I bought a rocker/recliner and was going to keep my old couch but the couch would not fit in the apartment with the new chair so I got rid of it and bought a new love seat. Hobo has not decided if he likes the new setup yet or not.

Finally, both Hobo and I would like to thank the everyone for all the prayers and purrs. I hope that we can begin to update this more often now that I am not going to school any longer.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Is Coming (Finally)

It is finally getting warm enough that the food source will open the door to the outside world so I can go out and get the fresh air and meow at the people as they walk by. I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything to this blog but the food source has been busy or so he says anyway. He put on headphones and sits on the computer sometimes and he tries to not let me sit on the keys when he is doing that. He says he is going to online classes but I thing he is just being mean.

I am glad that it is getting warmer outside so I can have the door open more so I can go in and out all the time when I want. Maybe the food source will use his outdoor thingy to cook steaks again so I can help him with everything specially the eating part.

I hope that I will be able to get the food source to type posts for me more often so it will not be so long between them.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sleepy Sunday Evening

I am glad to get a chance to get back to blogging again. My food source who does most of the typing for me has been "very busy" or so he says anyway. I have been spending much of the time on the patio, or that is what the food source calls it. It is really nice because I can watch over the rest of the world and not have to worry about any of the other beans or goggies try to chase me.

The food source set up this new place to lay with 2 little places to lay that you can stretch out on if you are careful just how you are laying on it. There is a bigger section that has lots of space to get all stretched out. There is even a higher level on one end where I can sit and look out. The food source does come out and use my higher level but it is ok he does not try to lay on it or anything. Sometimes it smells like chicken or steak, but I have never seen any of those on it.

Well I am off to take a nap on the patio.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting Back to Blogging

Hi Everyone
I am sorry that it has been so long since my last post here but the food source has been doing other stuff that he says is important. I am not sure that I agree though. I have had a pretty good time since my last post except that the food source has made it get cold on my patio. When I demand access to me patio he says it is too cold and when he opens the door I get hit with a blast of cold air. I think he is doing it somehow to keep me inside. I have been watching him and trying to find out what is going on.

I still can sit in the viewing areas to see the outside but I miss the smells and sounds unless they are really loud. My food source still hides from me during most days but I have been letting him get away with it so far, since he claims it is so that he can live in my house and pay for things.

I hope that now I will be better able to keep up with my posting here.